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London Chimney Sweep has been taking care of client’s chimneys through out the Los Angeles and Orange County area for over 60 years. From the chimney inspection to masonry repair we take pride in all our work.

With over an average of 25,000 fire’s related to chimney’s each year making sure it is in good shape is a must! Call us today for an inspection to make sure it’s up to code and not a hazard to you or your family. Also you may not know that these poor indoor air quality is connected to your chimney’s functionality.

Listed below is what causes and results in poor indoor air quality:

– Crawl space open to basement    – Infrequent filter changes     – Pets, smoking in the home    – Rapid dust buildup    – Gaps in ducts     – Moisture, mildew    – Ear infections, headaches    -Allergies, sore throats    – Coughing    – Sneezing    – Asthma    – Colds


– Use disposable high efficiency filters in your furnace.
– Use the “ON” fan setting of the thermostat to circulate household air through the furnace filter when, for example dusting, or if anyone is having allergic    symptoms, or when mild weather leaves the heat/AC system off.
– Replace the furnace filters yourself as needed; usually every three months.
– Modify the furnace if necessary to allow easy filter changes.
– Tape a piece of paper to the furnace and record the date the filter is changed.
– Standard blue poly filters are only about 50% efficient.
– I have stopped using permanent washable “electro-static” filters because they rapidly lose efficiency.
– Avoid having any “dead air” space in the house where air does not circulate.  No registers should be   totally closed.  The entire house, including the basement, should have some airflow or dust will build up.
– Duct cleaning may or may not be helpful.  Using good filters and running the fan setting as needed is less   expensive and generally much more effective.  Carpets, sofas, laundry, and pets are prime sources of dusty   air, and allergies, that duct cleaning won’t control but high efficiency filters will.
– Crawl spaces under the house need to be ventilated in order to avoid moisture and mildew problems.  Seal off the crawl space from the basement.
– A dehumidifier in the basement can control moisture and mildew problems.  Drain it outside with a hose or into the condensation pump at the furnace.
– So called “dry air” is caused by dust, not lack of moisture.
– Activated charcoal filters can be very helpful where tobacco smoke, pesticides, or chemicals are in the household.
– Use aluminum duct tape to seal gaps in the furnace, ductwork and around register openings that pull in dusty air from the attic or crawl space.
– Avoid chemicals indoors from insecticides, mothballs or solvents.
– Dust problems are not proof of bad housekeeping since many factors make indoor air much dirtier than outside air.  These simple steps can help you control the quality of the air in your home.
– Slick floors are less dusty than carpeting.
– For severe problems use freestanding HEPA filter air cleaners (check Target).
– Some brands of high efficiency filters you could look for are: Filtrete 1250 filters by 3M (check Home Depot).


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