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Chimney Repair


Direct Vent Fireplace – Gas fireplaces that can be vented vertically or horizontally. These fire places are gas only. These fireplaces do not need a chimney chase for the flue pipe to vent through. We offer installation, service and repair of direct vent fireplaces

Electric FireplaceManufacturers now have the technology to make these types of fireplaces extremely realistic. The fireplaces are versatile enough to be inserted into the fireboxes of masonry fireplaces or to have a built in look with mantle and hearth. We provide installation and maintenance of electric fireplaces.

Factory-Built Fireplace – Gas or wood burning, mostly found in newer homes after 1980. These fireplaces are manufactured off site and are made of metal. The fireboxes have refractory walls that simulate the look of brick. The flue is metal. The flue system is housed in a wood stud chimney chase and has a galvanized metal chase cover. The exterior of the chimney chase is usually stucco but can be covered in brick veneer or wood. We offer Installation and repairs of factory-built fireplaces including new chase covers, firebox walls, chimney caps, screens and glass doors.

Gas insertThis type of gas insert fits inside of a masonry/brick firebox and is vented through the chimney flue system. The flue system must be free of defects to allow the insert to be properly vented and comply with the manufacturers specifications. We install and service gas inserts.

Masonry/Brick Fireplace – Typical type of fireplaces found in most homes built before 1985. Wood or gas burning.  Fireplace with a brick firebox and a terra cotta lined or unlined flue system. The entire structure is built in brick. We repair, service and maintain brick/masonry fireplaces.

PreCast Fireplace – Sometimes known as a tilt up. Found in homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This fireplace was built offsite, trucked to the jobsite and set in place with a crane. This fireplace appears to be a brick fireplace but is not. The fireplace is made of a poured concrete substance. Most common defects found are cracked insulation/breast plates and cracked liners. There are no repairs to this fireplace that are on record from the manufacturer. Most cities have allowed the repair of the cracked breast/insulation plate and the flue system with Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant. We service and repair pre cast fireplaces.

Retrofitted Fireplace- Commonly found in the greater Los Angeles area after the 1994 earthquake. The damaged masonry/brick chimney was removed but the firebox and foundation were left intact. The chimney was rebuilt with Class A HT flue pipe enclosed in steel stud framed chimney chase. Most exteriors of the newly built chimney chase are stucco but can be brick veneered or covered in wood. We retrofit chimneys, repair and maintain retrofitted fireplaces.


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