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Real Estate Inspections

We maintain good relationships with real estate professionals in the area, and are often called upon to provide evaluations of the chimney system as part of the requirements for buying or selling a home.  Most home inspectors do not have the specialized knowledge and equipment to properly inspect the interior of a chimney. It is much better to know if expensive repairs are needed before the closing takes place.   As part of our  inspection, The Chim Scan Video system is used to allow us a complete viewing of the internal area of the fireplace system.  With this camera system we can see areas that cannot be viewed by the naked eye.  All defects are documented. The client is left with an onsite evaluation form that informs them of areas that are of concern and whether the fireplace should be used in its present condition.  Usually, within 48 hours a more detailed report is mailed, faxed or emailed to the client.  This report gives a more detailed description of the findings and includes digital pictures of the problem areas.  If possible a separate proposal for work, if needed, will be included.

We utilize the most technologically advanced equipment available to perform complete safety inspections for everyday homeowners, prospective buyers, insurance agencies, general contractors, and restoration businesses. All of our recommendations are based on NFPA Standards and International Residential Codes.


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